Our Principles

Eligibility Criteria for stall holders

We only sell produce from within County Clare or a 30-mile radius of the Market, except where the product is not available locally and is deemed appropriate by the Farmers’ Market Committee

All produce sold must be grown, reared, caught, brewed, pickled, baked, smoked or processed by the stall holder, unless otherwise agreed with the committee.

The stall must be attended by the principal producer or a representative directly involved in the production process, unless otherwise agreed with the committee.

Standards & quality control
A Market Controller, appointed by the Farmers’ Market Committee, will be present at all markets to ensure all products displayed &/or sold in the market are of a consistently high quality & standard.

All stall holders are required to register with the appropriate authority for the range of products they carry at the farmers market. This information can be obtained from the local area environmental health office,

Only producers with certification from a recognised organic body are allowed to display organic signs on their produce.

General Guiding Principles
Where possible stall holders will utilise quality local inputs & raw materials in products sold in the farmers market.

No genetically modified crops or organisms shall be knowingly traded within the farmers’ market.

Information on the rules of the market and the production methods of the producers should be available to the customers at the market.

All stall holders should strive towards the following:

  • The care & enhancement of the natural environment of Ennis
  • The minimisation of artificial/chemical inputs in production
  • The maintenance of excellent animal welfare standards