Caherhurley Nursery

Address: Bodyke, Co. Clare
Phone: 087 906 2987
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After a lifetime in horticulture, Gert & Elisabeth Stam have an encyclopedic knowledge of flowers, plants and shrubs. They specialise in selling ‘the unusual’ from their large stall. The couple moved to Clare ten years ago from Holland. They decided to stick with what they know and purchased a hillside small-holding near Bodyke in east Clare, where they produce an array of stunning organic perennial plants and shrubs.

All of Gert & Elisabeth’s plants are survivors, having been planted and hardened outdoors on a windy, hilly site. “Our plants and shrubs are tough. What we are selling this year have already survived one of the toughest winters in history. I believe that the plants and shrubs that have the best chance of survival when planted on in customers own gardens are the ones that have been hardened this way.”

The fact that Gert & Elisabeth specialise in perennials is another bonus for those looking to create a permanent garden. If you are in the market for hardy, rare, cottage garden type plants, what’s on offer at this stall will tick the right boxes.