The Real Meat Co-Operative

Phone: 087 989 6990

The Real Meat Co-Operative is a group of Organic farmers producing and selling quality food directly to the public and has stalls at Ennis Farmers Market, Limerick Milk Market and Herbert Park Dublin.

They sell frozen meat directly into your freezer and specialise in Organic Dexter Beef.

Their promise:

Organic – All members/suppliers are Certified Full Symbol Organic producers audited by The Organic Trust or by IOFGA.

Traceable– All meat is completely traceable back to birth.

Grass Finished–It takes longer than grain finishing, but produces tastier beef and lamb, with a healthier Omega 3­/ Omega 6­ profile.

Dry Aged– The target is 30 days for beef and 10 days for lamb, to produce tastier, more tender meat.

The Real Meat Co-Operative is at Ennis Farmers Market on the 2nd & 4th Fridays of the month.